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Mobile Push Click
An interaction a recipient has with a push notification that redirects them to either a webpage or a destination within the application. Mobile Push Clicks are important, as they c ...
Mobile Push
Notifications that typically appear on the home screen of a mobile device. These usually include information similar to SMS messages, such as time-sensitive information, updates, a ...
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
A program used to make mobile internet better and faster. In short, AMP pages do not show the full content on a mobile device, and are instead optimized and focused on the content ...
How Playrix Scales 1:1 Mobile Engagement Across Millions of Players
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Mobile App A/B Testing: Everything You Need to Know
Data is now used to influence just about every aspect of our lives. And so it is a no-brainer to use it when trying to figure out which version of an app’s UX or marketing creati ...
MessageGears Partners with Airship to Combine Mobile and Cross-Channel Expertise
Industry leaders in cross-channel orchestrated message delivery, MessageGears and Airship today announced a product integration that will provide enterprise customers with deep cap ...
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GSN Increases In-Game Engagement by 37% Using 1:1 Mobile Messaging
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Mobile Email Engagement On The Rise
Email marketing is an increasingly mobile channel according to a new study by MessageGears, which reveals that consumers are engaging more and more with email content on their smar ...