Email, Push, and SMS Messaging

Cross-Channel Orchestration for
Super Senders

Enable Email and Mobile Experiences That Get Noticed for all the Right Reasons

Marketing clouds and remote ESPs are stuck in the ’90s when it comes to giving marketers access and control of their customer data. MessageGears Message opens up a world of new possibilities for today’s marketer, allowing them to access all of their data and activate that in real time to create cross-channel marketing programs they’d only been able to dream about before.

Access & Activate Customer Data Quickly & Easily
Why We're Better
How We're Different

By sitting on top of your existing data warehouse via Accelerator™, MessageGears Message allows you to tap into everything you know about your customers in true real time. No more sending emails featuring out-of-stock items or unavailable trip times. MessageGears Message has the power and flexibility marketers need, with control I.T. and CRM teams love.

Powerful email marketing at massive scale

For Super Senders, email is more than just another marketing tool. As consumers expect relevancy and consistency, it’s critical for marketers to have the tools to send compelling emails that yield results. Powered by Accelerator™, no email marketing provider can match what MessageGears Message can deliver.

  • Build audiences using a beautiful visual wizard or raw SQL
  • Create beautiful, dynamic emails with an elegant drag-and-drop editor or utilize robust HTML editor with syntax highlighting
  • Utilize FreeMarker open-source templating language for dynamic, localized content
  • Create and manage marketing and transactional messages in one place
Integrated push and SMS capabilities

Within the same campaign interface, MessageGears Message allows marketers to add push and SMS capabilities quickly and easily. Stop moving from tab to tab or solution to solution. Create and test options for your message to be sent to the right place at the right time.

  • Native SDK-less push messaging provides freedom, flexibility, and control
  • Deliver precise, targeted campaigns across multiple channels with our direct Airship integration
  • Increase engagement with timely SMS programs
Visually construct complex, cross-channel journeys with ease

Today’s Super Senders need the flexibility to create well-crafted customer journeys without the typical restrictions of data access and linear paths. MessageGears Message puts marketers in control, helping create customer experiences that increase engagement and revenue.

  • Send to one channel, all channels, or preferred at any step
  • Open journeys: each customer has a unique path and can enter at any step, removing common journey builder limitations
  • Know exactly how many people fit into each step with live audience counts
  • Step-by-step analytics keeps marketers informed about what’s working and what’s not
Actionable reporting in real time

Understanding how your campaigns are performing in real time is critical for today’s always-on society. Get immediate access to campaign-level reporting and immediately pass engagement data back into your own data warehouse to trigger additional actions, ensuring accuracy throughout the organization.

  • See campaign performance immediately instead of waiting hours or days
  • Get a sense of how top ISPs are accepting emails and how users are interacting with them
  • Understand how your sending behavior impacts engagement
  • Immediately have access to all of the raw event data to trigger additional actions
  • Access unlimited analytics that drive insights back into your tools
Make sure your messages reach the inbox

None of the work in building great email programs matters if your emails don’t actually get where they’re supposed to go. MessageGears provides deliverability tools and services to make sure your emails get seen, even if you’re not a deliverability expert.

  • World-class deliverability support helps provide sound, proven strategies to maximize results
  • Proactive reporting and alerts give marketers peace of mind and allow them to act swiftly if there are issues
  • Our partner-oriented optimization approach ensures you’ll get the best results
  • Real-time performance metrics show you where to stay focused
Local marketing flexibility with centralized control

MessageGears removes common areas of data friction for distributed marketers, empowering individual operators to easily send messages to their customers using marketing-approved templates, images, and segments, driving repeat visitors and increasing customer loyalty.

  • MessageGears’ direct integration with Sageflo’s Radiate provides distributed teams with the tools they need to let operators manage their marketing efforts