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A tech stack full of strong partnerships is key to enterprise success

MessageGears works closely with every customer to optimize their current tech stack and effortlessly integrate new tech – without needing extensive workarounds or custom engineering. Our partner network gives clients access to best-in-class technologies, agencies, and consultancies that can deliver results and help you exceed your goals.

Featured Integrations


Experience seamless cross-channel orchestration with your real-time Snowflake data, ensuring it remains the central database of record. Unlock Snowflake’s potential to power exceptionally dynamic and personalized customer experiences, and generate unparalleled insights and engagement without the problem of data latency and data silos.


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Movable Ink

With MessageGears and Movable Ink, brands elevate consumer experiences with real-time dynamic content that is personalized at scale. Effortlessly integrate with your preferred data source, and tee up AI-powered communication for each customer within seconds.


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MessageGears customers use Jacquard to optimize language in real time, identifying top performing copy to ensure every message captivates and resonates. Leverage Jacquard to deliver data-enhanced on-brand copy seamlessly across MessageGears channels, like email, push notifications, and SMS.


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Google BigQuery

Power seamless cross-channel customer experiences with your live BigQuery data – without moving, copying, or syncing between clouds. Deliver dynamic and personalized customer experiences with unlimited data fields, and say goodbye to data latency and silos as you leverage customer intel where the data already resides within BigQuery.


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Integrations & Partners
The MessageGears cross-channel customer engagement platform has seamless integrations with all major databases, enterprise data warehouses, and other third-party marketing tools to help our customers meet and exceed their goals.
MessageGears directly attaches to virtually any enterprise data warehouse in its existing environment whether it's on premises or in a private cloud. This empowers marketers to build audiences and deploy campaigns faster and more efficiently, without the worry of data latency and data silos. MessageGears natively connects to the data sources below and can connect to any new source using a JDBC connection.
Enterprise marketers extend the value of MessageGears by integrating with our curated ecosystem of technology partners to help integrate, customize, and amplify their customer engagement capabilities. Data-driven teams can take advantage of third-party customer data collection, identity, enrichment, transformation, machine learning, AI, decisioning, and cross-channel activation solutions to deliver elite customer experiences via MessageGears.
Our mission is customer success, and a robust consulting partner ecosystem is vital to achieving this goal. We collaborate with top martech consultants, CRM agencies, tech services firms, and data consultancies for shared success. These partners cover strategy, transformation, migrations, program execution, and advanced analytics, providing end-to-end campaign and data operations services.
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