Engage your connected TV customers with OTT in-app messaging

Enrich the viewer experience with 1:1 messaging for customers inside your app on OTT devices.

woman watching tv, selecting pop-up option to share favorite show with friends
Track user activity to deliver unrivaled value and personalization at scale

With MessageGears’ direct data connection, new OTT possibilities are unlocked. Tailor each user’s journey across devices using their search and viewing history, favorite genres, average session length, and start/stop times.

Achieve true cross-channel, cross-device experiences

Continue 1:1 interactions with your customers as they move across devices from mobile to tablet, desktop and TV. Executing a truly holistic cross-channel journey shouldn’t feel impossible. 

Increase engagement with more connected users

Keep viewers engaged and increase content consumption by adding connected TV notifications to your cross-channel messaging mix. Our unique approach to connected OTT will empower you to elevate your awareness and engagement strategy to new heights. 

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