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Real-time customer engagement across all digital channels

By directly accessing your data, instead of relying on cloud data syncs, MessageGears eliminates the data latency, inflexibility, and other limitations that enterprise brands face when using any other marketing cloud.

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Why are marketing, operations, and I.T. teams all-in on MessageGears?
Deliver best-in-class customer experiences using a direct connection

Unlike marketing clouds and other traditional tools, MessageGears leverages your existing data investments without mapping, moving, or storing any information inside our platform.


REPLACES: Marketing Clouds | Cloud ESPs | CDPs


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Turn your modern data warehouse into a CDP

MessageGears is a necessary part of the modern data stack for companies that market to millions of customers. We remove data friction and allow for real-time access to customer data at limitless scale.


BUILT NATIVELY ON: Snowflake | BigQuery | Redshift


Built for Scale & Designed for Speed

MessageGears uses your data where it lives in the format it’s already in, giving you a full suite of enterprise marketing tools at a significantly lower cost of a typical marketing cloud.

Activate on any channel
Powerful and intuitive
Segmentation for Marketers

MessageGears Segment combines the power of an intuitive drag-and-drop segment builder with a segmentation engine that runs as fast as your data warehouse.

Automate seamlessly across channels
Create 1:1 personalization to millions
Cross-Channel Orchestration for Super Senders

MessageGears Message allows you to use any available data in any format to personalize messages to each of your customers at a scale that other email marketing providers can’t achieve.

Instant access to your data at scale
Introducing API-as-a-Service
Real-Time Customer Interactions

MessageGears Engage is a moments-based marketing engine to enable real-time experiences for your customers. Power open-time personalization and dynamic web messaging to ensure consistent messaging across all touchpoints. 

Unmatched Value
On average, MessageGears provides a 413% ROI for our customers
Real Stories, Real Results
MessageGears + Snowflake Help OpenTable Take Full Control of Their Data
“There’s no more data syncing from an old system into another system. [MessageGears] really opens us up to a lot more opportunities from an email and push perspective. It was a huge game changer for us, and on top of that, MessageGears has all of the features that a lot of these other ESPs already have, so there’s nothing that’s being missed.”

Joseph Lee Director of Marketing Tech
  • Heavily reduced costs, improved ROI
  • Enhanced personalization
  • Processing speed was improved by days
  • Elimination of team frustration
Stylist Increases Retention w/ an Operational Customer 360
Having multiple cloud marketing providers led Stylist into a position of not knowing which view of their data accurately reflected the state of the customer. Unifying their messaging activities with MessageGears provided them with a single, unified view of their readers — raising net retention and lowering overall marketing overhead.
  • Email read and click rates up 15% from before the switch to MessageGears
  • 92% of customers engage with the brand over the course of 6 months
Blue Nile Leverages Investment in Google BigQuery to Improve Engagement & Revenue
MessageGears Accelerator™ directly integrated with BigQuery, allowing Blue Nile to orchestrate cross-channel campaigns using live data. Blue Nile has seen improved customer engagement and experienced increases in revenue and overall margin per user.
  • Improved engagement and revenue
  • Full cross-channel program migration in 6 weeks
  • Cost efficiencies because there's no data duplication
  • Seamlessly leverages BigQuery for cross-channel messaging
MessageGears Helps Rakuten Rewards Launch Challenging Campaign, with Big Results
MessageGears implemented their customer engagement platform, which sits on Rakuten Rewards’ internal system, allowing them to keep their customer data behind their firewall in order to eliminate data lag and syncing issues that were costing the team time.
  • Increased subscribers by 45%
  • Increased conversions by 120% within 6 months
Culver's Empowers Local Messaging
MessageGears teamed up with Sageflo — leaders in empowering marketing at the local level while maintaining brand control from corporate — and created the perfect solution to utilize all of Culver's data while putting their local operators in a place to own a part of the message.
  • Quick 8-week migration
  • Easily incorporated A/B testing with local content
  • Higher overall audience engagement
  • Better alignment between corporate and local teams
Online Audio Retailer Puts Their Customer 360 to Work
After building a complete 360 degree view of their customer, an online audio retailer found that no remote ESPs were able to effectively utilize the data they invested in. Switching to MessageGears allowed them to use their data in place, and raise engagement rates by 10%.
  • Click-to-open rates are 10% higher
  • Started sending test messages within 3 hours after installing
  • Deployments and program changes are faster and easier
  • They're able to be more creative and send better messaging