Customer Engagement Platform
Purpose-Built for Enterprise Engagement at Scale

Streamline Your Marketing Tech Stack

MessageGears’ differentiated marketing solution provides audience segmentation, cross-channel message creation and delivery, and real-time data availability by leveraging the power of your modern data warehouse with a direct connection, unlocking limitless potential. Not only can MessageGears scale to meet the needs of any sized business, we can optimize your marketing technology investment by eliminating the need for redundant tools in your existing tech stack.

MessageGears is a necessary component to your modern data stack. It’s quick to implement and easy to use, enables better and more relevant messaging, and scales to meet the needs of the biggest senders in the world. 

Say Goodbye To Data Friction
Put your customers at the center of your marketing

Leverage everything you know about your customers in real time to create rich experiences that increase engagement and loyalty. 

Build advanced segments, and distribute to any third party.

Create consistent, relevant experiences across all marketing touchpoints in real time.

Orchestrate dynamic cross-channel campaigns at scale

Send hyper-personalized email and mobile messages at enterprise scale.

Unleash the power of your customer data

Use data that was previously inaccessible at the time users engage with your campaigns.

Trusted & Loved by the World's Largest Brands

With MessageGears, you can do pretty much anything you can think about, and the technology just gets out of the way. It’s genuinely changed what we can do as a company.

Mark Stange-Tregear, VP ANALYTICS at Rakuten Rewards