MessageGears' technology allows enterprise retail businesses overcome the limits of cloud-based services to send timely, personalized email at scale to their customers
Build Retail & Ecommerce Campaigns as Unique as Your Customers
Tailored like a suit
Personalize your customer's experience and drive loyalty

MessageGears is built differently than other customer engagement platform. By leveraging a direct connection to your data, rather than one that must travel between your company’s firewalls and the cloud, MessageGears’ platform enables a real-time, dynamic experience for your customers that others simply can not.

Trusted By The Biggest and The Best

“The ability to use SMS to follow up on personal experiences like shipping confirmations was huge for us, and MessageGears’ cross-channel nature means we can leverage BigQuery for all customer communications.”

Himanshu Sinha, VP, Media and Performance Marketing | Blue Nile

How Could Your Business Grow With Results Like These?

10x Faster Deployments

By increasing message rendering rates, MessageGears enables the delivery of the right message at the right time by 10x for brands.

15% Lift in Customer Lifetime Value

Keep shoppers coming back with advanced personalization, and gain a lifetime brand loyalty.

20% Increase in Conversions

Turn browsers into buyers and experience a 20% lift in customer conversions.

50% Less I.T. Involvement

MessageGears enables marketers to make digital a true extension of their brand whether they are tech-savvy or not.