Engage customers when and where it matters most

Use real-time customer data to craft unique experiences for every user inside and outside of your mobile app.

Launch sophisticated, highly dynamic push campaigns

Leverage advanced targeting to deliver tailored push notifications that reach users at pivotal moments in their cross-channel journey.

Drive user retention, boost conversions, and enhance the overall app experience to keep your brand top of mind when it matters most.

Deepen customer relationships in your app

Enrich your mobile app’s onboarding experience, foster more engagement, and nurture loyalty with data-driven in-app messaging.

Drive immediate actions while customers are actively using the app – right when you already have their attention.

Deliver native experiences personalized to every user 

Leverage fully native in-app notifications to provide each user with unique, tailored content.

Combine traditional overlays and interstitials with embedded content that sits directly inside your app UI, creating an immersive on-brand experience.

Design on-brand, no-code mobile messaging

Create pixel-perfect messages that match your brand and display as a native part of your app experience.

Say goodbye to HTML complexities. Preview the app user experience across devices and platforms without relying on developer support.

Leverage 1:1 engaging content baked right into your app

Use embedded content to create dynamic and relevant offers based on user properties to trigger bookings, credit card sign-ups, viewing recommendations, and more.

Funky Pigeon, a large greeting card & gifting company based in the UK, achieves a 15% engagement rate with personalized in-app messaging.

Elevate mobile engagement across
all lifecycle phases

Build personalized mobile push and in-app campaigns for every customer’s unique scenario.

Optimize your new user experience

The first time a user opens your app is the most important for influencing continued engagement. Leverage multi-page tutorials to onboard users with welcome offers and product tours, and request key permissions at the perfect moment.

Drive engagement with relevant features

Help users discover core features and increase participation by highlighting certain areas of your app with strategically placed tooltips and recommendations.

Target users based on predictive AI most likely to churn

Give users with a higher propensity to churn enticing reasons to stay. Create relevant and targeted promotions that highlight the benefits and core value of your app.

Collect & leverage more customer insights

Use in-app messages to gather specific user data and deliver a dynamic experience based on a user’s selection.

Perfect your mobile experience with in-app testing

Easily test for any of your key value attributes – purchasable items, UI elements, configuration settings, game level difficulty, and more – and optimize your app before releasing changes to the app store.

“MessageGears is more than just a great mobile solution. Their teams are always on hand to support us whenever we need strategic direction or guidance on how we can further elevate our push & in-app messaging campaigns.”

Thomas O’Brien – Digital Channel Manager, PTSB