About Us
We're purpose-built to cure tech & marketing migraines for the modern enterprise 

You shouldn’t have to jump through endless hoops to deliver an excellent cross-channel experience for your customers

We help customer-obsessed enterprises launch sophisticated campaigns that are frankly a huge headache to execute with other vendors. Crafting 1-to-1 conversations across a database of millions can be hard – but your tech doesn’t have to be. MessageGears is a cross-channel engagement platform that delivers advanced customer segmentation, hyper-dynamic personalization, and message delivery at scale.

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Our Roots
We understand big brands

Our founders Dan & Taylor witnessed first-hand the challenges that arise when trying to execute dynamic, personalized communication across millions of contacts. The bigger a company gets, the more issues they face with data, workflows, and efficiency. Since day one, we’ve been paving a better path.

Our Solution
A platform designed with ultimate flexibility in mind

With MessageGears, you can leverage everything your organization knows about each of your customers directly from your data warehouse real time across channels. We’ll help you bring even the most complex and creative campaigns to life – without all the roadblocks and workarounds your team is likely used to. 

Mark Stange-Tregear, VP Analytics at Rakuten Rewards said "With MessageGears, you can do pretty much anything you can think about, and the technology just gets out of the way. It’s genuinely changed what we can do as a company.

Our Customers
You deserve tech that supports your wildest ideas

Our customers call our approach “dream and do” marketing – and it’s all built to scale. MessageGears has transformed what marketers thought was possible at major brands like Expedia, Rakuten, T-Mobile, OpenTable, EA Sports, and many more.

Our Team
We take care of our people so they’ll take care of you

We’re intentional about fostering a culture that prioritizes innovation and customer success while taking pride in what we’re building. We provide tools, services, and support to ensure both our employees and our customers can exceed their goals.

Recognized for Excellence