Case Study

Digicel Triples Mobile Engagement and Increases Retention by Over 50%

Digicel Group, a leading communications and entertainment provider spanning 33 markets across the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia Pacific, embarked on a mission to enhance its mobile app user experience.

With a legacy of over 17 years and a total investment exceeding $5 billion globally, Digicel aimed to exceed customer expectations. Their goal was clear: to forge deeper customer connections, reduce reliance on customer support teams, and boost customer lifetime value through memorable app interactions.

Key Outcomes


50% surge in retention rates, solidifying Digicel’s position as a customer-centric brand.


One million additional app sessions, a testament to Digicel’s commitment to delivering a positive user experience.


3x increase in mobile engagement rate, signaling a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction.


Enhanced insights into customer preferences and behavior, translating to tailored offerings for every user.

The Challenge

In a world saturated with apps vying for attention, Digicel faced a considerable challenge. They needed to ramp up app activity while simultaneously reducing customer service calls. But they didn’t stop there. Digicel dreamed of creating personalized app experiences that would captivate users and nurture long-term relationships.

They knew if they could reach users when it mattered most with relevant messaging, they could maximize engagement and strengthen customer connections.

By implementing a solution that could process and segment billions of live customer actions and optimize messaging, Digicel could confidently scale meaningful communications and refine their engagement.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Digicel partnered with MessageGears, leveraging advanced targeting and triggering capabilities to create dynamic user journeys at scale. Using sophisticated A/B testing, Digicel fine-tuned their messaging to deliver experiences that deeply resonate with customers. 

With the ability to experiment with as many as 99 resource variants at a time, Digicel could gain valuable insights into user behavior and identify the variants generating the most ROI. They could then use these insights to deliver optimized push and in-app messages that deliver real value, inspire action, and move the needle on engagement, retention, and revenue.

The Outcome

With MessageGears, Digicel could confidently scale relevant communications in a way that showcases the value of their app and deepens customer relationships. Through this strategic partnership and innovative solutions, Digicel has made a positive impact on its mobile engagement strategy, achieving remarkable growth in retention rates and app user activity. 

The results speak volumes:


  • 50% surge in retention rates, solidifying Digicel’s position as a customer-centric brand
  • One million additional app sessions, a testament to Digicel’s commitment to delivering a positive user experience
  • 3x increase in mobile engagement rate, demonstrating a substantial improvement in user satisfaction
"We wanted a digital engagement platform that would allow us to speak to our users in a fast, engaging way, providing them with on-time, relevant information. The product is not only intuitive but also highly effective. Campaigns can be set up in minutes to target the right customers with timely and relevant information in their local language, which makes messaging even more engaging."

~ Lola Akinyinka, Director of Digital Products

Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Digicel’s trusted partner, continually delivering push and in-app messages that improve onboarding, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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