MessageGears Engage
Use Real-Time Data to Unlock Personalized Customer Experiences

Give your customers what they expect

Engage is a secure, scalable way to surface contextual customer data on render to any end-point. Your customer data may currently be “trapped” in various internal, rigid data systems, and not readily available or easy to expose at the scale and speed that is necessary to deliver relevant, real-time messaging to your customers.

We integrate with many partners and data sources to provide an unmatched solution
Engage can solve common setbacks in providing a personalized experience
How It Works

MessageGears Engage offers secure and scalable access to customer contextual data (or any other internal data) in an easily consumable format. This powers personalization in real time, allowing for a level of brand engagement and up-to-date content that other tools can’t match.

Your emails shouldn’t be postcards

MessageGears Engage allows marketers to design and activate data-driven creative to create personalized visuals that are always relevant and up to date at the moment of engagement.

  • Featured in the Movable Ink Exchange as a leader in data access for dynamic creative, our integration to power creative is straightforward and takes minutes.
Power dynamic mobile messages

MessageGears Engage allows open access to any data to personalize messages through any platform so you can maximize your existing marketing investments.

Let data power your world

MessageGears Engage integrates with any data source you need access to, providing a fast and efficient way for marketers to power compelling customer experiences

  • Power your website interactions with live data — Engage’s endpoints support all cross-site requests