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MessageGears is the customer engagement platform built around your data, bridging the gap between I.T. and Marketing with a direct data connection and modern campaign-building tools.

MessageGears Segment

MessageGears Segment is designed to empower marketers to build dynamic segments of any audience using their own live customer data, and upload those segments to any third-party platform for deep personalization of their campaigns.

  • Get a visual representation of your data, making it easy to understand and work with
  • Connect directly to your modern data warehouse so the data you use is live and real time
  • Save time and money by not having to host your data in another solution
MessageGears Message

Realize the potential of your data with a true direct connection that enables you to build the campaigns of your dreams. Gone are the days of complex data syncs, costly lag times, and sending messages that don’t reflect your live, real-time data.

  • Send marketing messages at scale without data friction, creating a seamless experience
  • Quickly set up dynamic cross-channel campaigns using our visual journey builder
  • No data mapping, syncing, or lag time because Message lives wherever your data lives
MessageGears Engage

Unleash the power of your customer data with Engage, a secure cache that will hold portions of your data for whenever marketers need it most. Now you can utilize data that was previously inaccessible when users engage with your campaigns.

  • Connect to as many internal data sources as you like, consolidating it into one place
  • Join with tools like Movable Ink for dynamic messaging with render-on-open technology
  • Safely access customer data that’s otherwise inaccessible, with unlimited API calls
The Right Fit
You Shouldn’t Sacrifice Data Security to Personalize Messaging

You know remote ESPs limit you, but what choice is there? You need the cloud to send at scale. The tradeoff is data lag and security concerns that hinder personalization and put you at risk. But what if you had a customer engagement platform that plugged into your database, letting you put your live data to use while using the cloud for rendering and sending? That’s why we built MessageGears.

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Request a Demo

See how MessageGears can change the game for your enterprise email. We’ll give you a close up tour of our products, as well as a personalized view into how MessageGears can work for you.

With MessageGears, you can do pretty much anything you can think about, and the technology just gets out of the way. It’s genuinely changed what we can do as a company.

Mark Stange-Tregear, VP ANALYTICS at Rakuten Rewards

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