Case Study

Telefónica Uses Real-Time Targeting to Drive App Activation, Engagement, and Retention

Telefónica is a powerhouse in the global telecom industry. With a vast network spanning over 300 million customers across 17 countries, the brand is dedicated to providing unparalleled connectivity through advanced fixed, mobile, and broadband networks.

In its quest for sustained growth, Telefónica sought a solution to deliver individual experiences to users at scale. Their goals were ambitious: boost activation rates, amplify acquisition ROI, and foster lasting engagement among its app users.

Discover how Telefónica harnesses the power of real-time targeting to enhance the app experience, optimize engagement, and drive high-value interactions seamlessly across channels.

Key Outcomes

14%increase in login interactions

leading to a 5% uplift in registration completion

12.5%boost in app engagement

with an 8% increase in number of sessions

21%increase in day 7 retention

showcasing the enduring impact of the campaign

+1.3improvement in star rating

in the app store from 3 to 4.3 stars in just four weeks

The Challenge

Mastering contextual messaging to drive activation, engagement, and retention

A common challenge faces app marketers today—how to boost acquisition ROI by guiding users through an onboarding experience that optimizes account activation and sustains engagement over the customer lifecycle.

Marketers are acutely aware that acquiring a new customer typically costs five times more than retaining an existing one.

But with growth top of mind, Telefónica needed an approach that would not only maximize ROI by driving account activation, but also keep customers engaged in the app long term.

The Solution

Tailored engagement across the customer lifecycle

Telefónica implemented a strategy to guide users from activation to engagement and retention. Leveraging the power of MessageGears, Telefonica orchestrated personalized messaging to accompany users at every stage of their journey.

Key components of the strategy included:


  1. Contextual messaging: Telefónica harnessed MessageGears to deliver tailored communications, adapting messaging based on user interactions with the initial login screen. This dynamic approach ensured users received bespoke messages promoting relevant app benefits and cultivating excitement around the app content.
  2. Real-time targeting for user engagement: with a strong focus on user engagement, Telefónica employed MessageGears’ real-time targeting capabilities. Based on how the user interacted with the login screen, they received push notifications relevant to the actions they did or didn’t take.
  3. Showcasing relevant features and content: to further enhance engagement, Telefónica strategically highlighted new content and key app features specific to users’ behavior and preferences. For example, a user abandoning the app before reaching the end of a live episode would receive a push notification about how they can record their favorite shows.

The Outcome

Here are the key results and successes from the campaign:


  • Activation: A remarkable 14% increase in interactions with the login screen and a 5% uplift in registration completion proved the campaign’s effectiveness in capturing user attention.
  • Engagement: A substantial 12.5% increase in app engagement translating to an 8% uplift in number of sessions. This emphasizes the campaign’s success in not only attracting but retaining user interest.
  • Retention: The retention rates on days 1, 7, and 30 all increased by 11.5%, 21%, and 13%, respectively. These results showcase the enduring impact of the messaging campaign across crucial time intervals.
  • Advocacy: Reflecting user satisfaction and positive experiences, the app store rating saw a significant climb from 3 stars to an impressive 4.3 stars within just four weeks. This surge in advocacy solidifies Telefónica’s position as a provider of a highly valued and intuitive app experience.
By using real-time targeting and triggering in MessageGears, we created campaigns that would send to individual users based on key events they completed inside the mPlay app. With MessageGears we can deliver custom content for individual users based on what stage of the customer lifecycle they’re in.

~ Matias Vilensky, Digital Marketing Manager at Telefónica

Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Telefónica’s trusted partner, continually delivering targeted messaging that advances customer experience and optimizes engagement. 

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