Case Study

PTSB Uses In-App Messaging to Enhance Its Social Impact and Encourage Customer Participation

PTSB has a rich banking history deeply rooted in Irish communities and spanning over 200 years. During this time, its focus has centered on delivering exceptional customer service, building strong connections with local communities, and providing vital community banking services.

Today, PTSB has a presence across 75 locations across Ireland and is a leading retail and business banking provider within the Irish market, proudly serving over one million customers.

Key Outcomes

Active customer participation

Of the total 120,000 campaign participants, an impressive 105,000 were engaged through mobile in-app messaging.

Seamless mobile user experience

It was quick and easy for app users to see how the campaign impacted them, participate right inside the app, and then continue on their online banking journey.

Timely in-app messaging

Users received a full-screen in-app message when they launched the mobile app, featuring an outline of the initiative and a clear CTA.

Engaging in-app capabilities

Customers could participate directly within the in-app messaging flow, providing a frictionless user experience and increasing overall completion rates.

The PTSB Community Fund

Established in 2020, the PTSB Community Fund supports Irish communities by providing funding to local organizations actively making a positive and meaningful impact on the ground and working hard to make a difference.

The fund operates in each of the bank’s regions nationwide, with the goal of providing approximately €300,000 in funding to six local charities chosen by PTSB’s employees, customers, and members of the public.

Since its establishment, the community fund has contributed over €1 million in funding to various local community organizations across Ireland.

The Challenge

Today, businesses play a vital role in helping communities navigate this new, disrupted world and the transformed society we find ourselves in.

The impact of Covid-19 has been challenging for the charity sector, particularly those providing a critical service to the people of Ireland when they needed it most. 

As a relatively new initiative, PTSB faced the challenge of raising awareness about their community fund, driving engagement, and encouraging voter participation from employees and customers. Plus, they needed to achieve this in a way that was safe during a pandemic but also flexible and secure. 

Encouraging community involvement


Rather than choosing the charities internally as an organization or at random, PTSB wanted to encourage participation among its employees, customers, and communities.

“We wanted to get the community fund in front of our colleagues, customers, and communities to ensure everyone had the opportunity to cast their vote and voice their opinions. With MessageGears’ in-app messaging solution, we could do this successfully, all while maintaining the flexibility and security we needed.” — Thomas O’Brien, Digital Channel Manager.

They wanted these stakeholders to have a say in directing the investments towards causes close to their hearts. Using a voting system, the bank ensured it was backing initiatives that held significant meaning for local communities.

The Solution

Targeted and timely in-app messages


To boost engagement and promote community involvement, PTSB turned to MessageGears’ in-app messaging solution. The bank targeted its online banking customers with a campaign informing them of the community fund initiative and encouraging them to vote for the local charity they would like to see the bank support for the upcoming fundraising year.

When the campaign kicked off, users received a full-screen in-app message on their next app launch with an outline of the initiative and a call-to-action (CTA) to cast their vote by continuing to the voting screen. It was a seamless and compelling way to get their attention and encourage active participation.

User voting capabilities


The next screen prompted users to select their region. Depending on the region selected, the user could then choose from a shortlist of local charities.

Quick and seamless user experience


The user simply needed to tap the CTA button ‘Vote Now,’ make their selection, and proceed to a thank-you screen before continuing their online banking journey.

The Results

In an impressive display of community involvement, the Irish public cast 120,000 votes through both the bank’s website and its mobile in-app messaging campaign.

This meant PTSB could publicly announce the selection of its community fund partners for the fundraising year with the confidence that their customers and communities had a significant voice in shaping the causes that would receive support.

Customer participation


Of the total 120,000 votes, an impressive 105,000 were contributed through the in-app voting functionality facilitated by MessageGears. The bank’s website played its part as well, generating an additional 15,000 votes. This collective participation illustrates the tremendous involvement of customers in shaping the outcome of this initiative.

“MessageGears is more than just a customer engagement platform. Their teams are always on hand to support us whenever we need strategic direction or guidance on how we can further elevate our messaging campaigns.”

MessageGears is delighted to partner with PTSB to help them scale their operations and achieve their engagement goals. Read more of our client success stories.