MessageGears Helps Ebates Launch Challenging Campaign, with Big Results


  • Ebates’ marketing team had been struggling for nine months to build out and execute a key email program because of the complexity of the setup and data syncing needed to make it function correctly with their marketing cloud email service provider


  • MessageGears implemented their Hybrid solution, which sits on Ebates’ internal system, allowing them to keep their customer data behind their firewall in order to eliminate data lag and syncing issues that were costing the team time.


  • Because Ebates maintained full control over their data during the program-setup process, they were able to begin sending emails with the program in less than one day after struggling to get it set up in the previous 9 months
  • MessageGears’ Hybrid solution met Ebates’ goals for the program, which allowed the marketing team to increase subscribers by 45% and conversions by 120% within the next 6 months
  • They were able to quickly push forward with anticipated Phase 2 enhancements to the email program they didn’t expect to be able to incorporate for another 2 years.

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