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MessageGears + Snowflake Help OpenTable Take Full Control of Their Data
As a major digital hospitality brand, OpenTable has a deep need for rapid, complete access to massive data sets in order to reach their customers with the types of personalized messaging campaigns that they expect across mobile and desktop. Bringing in MessageGears’ Customer Marketing Platform and connecting directly to Snowflake allowed them to get full access to their customer data, live and in real time, so they could finally maximize its potential.
  • Heavily reduced costs, improved ROI
  • Enhanced personalization
  • Processing speed was improved by days
  • Elimination of team frustration
Blue Nile Leverages Investment in Google BigQuery to Improve Engagement & Revenue
MessageGears Accelerator™ directly integrated with BigQuery, allowing Blue Nile to orchestrate cross-channel campaigns using live data. Blue Nile has seen improved customer engagement and experienced increases in revenue and overall margin per user.
  • Improved engagement and revenue
  • Full cross-channel program migration in 6 weeks
  • Cost efficiencies because there's no data duplication
  • Seamlessly leverages BigQuery for cross-channel messaging
Chick-fil-A Revamps Messaging to Deliver Personalized Content
MessageGears and BrightWave formed a tight partnership with Chick-fil-A in order to understand their needs and develop a solution that would accomplish their goals. The message-design system required MessageGears and BrightWave to create complex business rules to drive the system, and a way to test the new templates
  • 20+% increase in conversion rate
  • 30% increase in click-through rate
  • 17% increase in open rate
MessageGears Helps Rakuten Rewards Launch Challenging Campaign, with Big Results
MessageGears implemented their customer marketing platform, which sits on Rakuten Rewards’ internal system, allowing them to keep their customer data behind their firewall in order to eliminate data lag and syncing issues that were costing the team time.
  • Increased subscribers by 45%
  • Increased conversions by 120% within 6 months
MessageGears Helps Musictoday Send More Personalized, Dynamic Content
Email marketing is a strategic tool for Musictoday, which provides monetization solutions services to the multi-billion dollar music industry for the world’s largest brands and media companies. Musictoday sends an average of nearly nine million emails a month, with double the volume during holidays.
  • Ability to Respond Quickly to Market Changes and Opportunities
  • Increased Deliverability and Efficiency
  • Increased Relevancy with Dynamic Content
Chick-fil-A Uses MessageGears Technology to Ensure Customer Privacy
MessageGears’ engineering team designed a custom solution within the Accelerator system to encrypt Customers’ email addresses. Each row of data contains an encrypted data key that neither Chick-fil-A nor MessageGears is able to retrieve without going through Amazon KMS encryption.
  • Key Outcome
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From the time we started working with MessageGears, the experience has been great! One huge benefit of working with them is the excellent support, and the response data we get from them every hour. -Rohit Bhattacharjee, Expedia

Rakuten Rewards

Once you put MessageGears on top of your data warehouse, you can do pretty much anything you can think about, and the technology just gets out of the way. – Mark Stange-Tregear, Rakuten Rewards


MessageGears’ innovative solution helps us send industry-leading email campaigns while allowing us to protect sensitive customer data. – Emily Randall, Chick-fil-A


MessageGears offers the speed and reliability of a hosted platform with the flexibility of enterprise. The ability to control our data structure is paramount, and MessageGears allows for unmatched flexibility in this realm. – Ben Whitlow, Musictoday

413% ROI in 3 years

Download the Total Economic Impact™ Report to find out how.

413% ROI in 3 years 

Download the Total Economic Impact™ Report to find out how.

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