Case Study

Chick-fil-A Uses MessageGears Technology to Ensure Customer Privacy


Chick-fil-A is very protective when it comes to Customer data and privacy. They wanted to set up a process by which their Customers’ data was fully protected and anonymized from any malicious attempts to gain access to it, exceeding their security team’s requirements for Customer data storage.


  • MessageGears’ engineering team designed a custom solution within the Accelerator system to encrypt Customers’ email addresses. Each row of data contains an encrypted data key that neither Chick-fil-A nor MessageGears is able to retrieve without going through Amazon KMS encryption.
  • MessageGears’ solution enables Chick-fil-A’s data administrators to only see a string of letters and numbers instead of Customers’ email addresses, and each data point can be encrypted differently.


  • Not only is Chick-fil-A’s customer data protected from any third party gaining access to it — MessageGears included — because of the complex encryption involved, but even Chick-fil-A’s own database administrators can only see a string of letters and numbers rather than Customers’ email addresses.
  • Chick-fil-A is able to confidently collect data while assuring Customers that they have one of the most secure data solutions in the industry, greatly reducing the chances of a costly data breach.
  • This is built into Accelerator as a feature that any MessageGears Customer can use going forward.

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