MessageGears launches Engage, a product that simplifies the processes around data access and usage for message personalization

Jan 29, 2020

MessageGears announced today the launch of Engage, a new product in the MessageGears Customer Marketing Platform. Engage allows marketers to easily access and securely expose their internal customer and offer data without I.T. involvement to any channel or platform that uses it.

Enterprise brands’ data is often inaccessible for real-time personalization, and many organizations struggle to keep up with adapting to the current data needs that marketers have. Engage allows marketing teams to create marketing campaigns that never have to suffer from stale or trapped data, instead always securely accessing the most up-to-date information in an easily consumable format that can handle massive query volumes. Whether the recipient sees the communication immediately, tomorrow, or a month later, it will always contain the latest data available by accessing Engage.

This means that push messages can always show the latest sales, and emails can stay updated with real-time inventory to ensure customers don’t click through to a product that sold out 30 minutes earlier. Marketers’ options for delivering highly targeted, infinitely relevant messages grow exponentially with access to Engage.

“It’s exciting for us to be able to enable marketers to really enhance the customer experience with their messaging,” MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette said. “Our mission has always been to eliminate the barriers that prevent brands from being able to fully take advantage of the creativity of their marketing teams to be able to effectively use their data. Engage accomplishes that mission, unlocking data in a way enterprise marketers haven’t seen before.”

That could be especially true for brands already creating personalized content in real-time with leading solutions like Movable Ink. The enhanced live data access enabled by MessageGears Engage is a perfect complement to a solution like Movable Ink that can activate data wherever it lives to generate 1:1 personalization at the moment of engagement.

“We’re incredibly excited about the potential MessageGears Engage has to enable our enterprise-level clients to get access to additional real-time data for driving even deeper and more comprehensive personalization in their campaigns,” said Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma. “From the very beginning, we’ve built Movable Ink to work seamlessly with existing martech investments, and MessageGears Engage is a perfect example of what’s possible when you bring data together with Movable Ink to automate personalized content at scale.”

MessageGears Engage is already being used by some of the world’s leading brands and is now available to implement for any organization regardless of whether they use MessageGears for other marketing programs. Learn more about Engage and how to get started.

About the Author

Will Devlin

A 20-year email marketing veteran, Will has focused on marketing strategy and execution for MessageGears since 2014. He has extensive experience on both the retail customer and service side of email marketing, and he’s interested in helping businesses better understand how they can make the most of the work they put into their email campaigns.