Your Checklist for Personalization Across Millions of Contacts

Start 2024 fresh with new ideas for personalized messaging at the enterprise level.

In this crawl, walk, run checklist you’ll learn:

  • How the world’s biggest brands are implementing complex campaigns
  • Where and when to incorporate AI 
  • Ideas for testing and optimization
  • Tips for beginners and next-level ideas for sophisticated teams
The world's biggest brands are seeing the results of personalization done right.
Don't just take our word for it
True personalization is a game-changer for big brands

“Sending out blast emails without knowing [your customer] bought something yesterday is just bothering them. Even with a lag of one day or even 12 hours, you can turn what you think is a really great communication with your audience into something that just feels sloppy to them.” –Tash Gandotra, Head of CRM for Stylist

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