Product release: Enhanced mobile features for a superior cross-channel experience

Mar 07, 2024

The past few years haven’t been easy for large B2C brands. Grappling with rising customer acquisition costs and a more cautious consumer spending mindset, marketing teams in particular are feeling the pressure to find new efficiencies in customer engagement. It’s in times like these that innovation becomes a beacon of hope.

Recognizing this need, MessageGears is proud to introduce groundbreaking advancements in customer experience by offering marketers unparalleled control, flexibility, and personalization across mobile and beyond. With the integration of MessageGears’ native mobile push SDK with its direct data access capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to reach, engage, and convert customers. 

Drive impact with mobile push and direct data access

Mobile messaging has become a cornerstone of the customer engagement efforts of large consumer brands, and their marketing strategies wouldn’t be complete without it. Mobile is particularly powerful in moving the needle on customer retention, lifetime value, and ROI.

By combining the most powerful SDK of any mobile messaging platform with direct access to customer data, enterprise brands have all the tools they need to achieve unprecedented levels of real-time personalization at scale – not just for mobile push but across all marketing channels.


Deliver rich data-driven push notifications

MessageGears’ move to a native SDK push solution means consumer brands sending millions of messages can leverage everything they know about their customers to deliver rich, dynamic push notifications in true real time.

Because MessageGears sits directly on top of the data warehouse (think Snowflake, RedShift, and BigQuery) brands have access to advanced mobile push customization, segmentation, and triggering capabilities – without ever needing to move customer data outside the secure environment of their data warehouse.

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This revolutionary solution liberates brands from the constraints of traditional push solutions, ushering in a new era of personalization and efficiency. Every customer action seamlessly integrates back into the data warehouse, so there are no more silos or unnecessary costs — just a streamlined, secure environment for marketers to deliver personalized experiences at scale. 🙌

Breaking down silos and unifying data across channels

Traditional marketing platforms often struggle with disparate data sources, hindering a brand’s ability to create a cohesive understanding of its customers or leverage any of that intel in a meaningful way. Data silos often lead to inefficiencies, duplication of efforts, and missed opportunities for personalization.

MessageGears’ direct data access dismantles these silos, allowing brands to consolidate customer data from various touch points into a centralized repository. It takes having a “central source of truth” from myth to reality.



By liberating all data, brands can deliver a higher caliber of personalized experiences across every channel. Whether it’s through email, mobile, desktop, or TV, brands can now break free from the limitations imposed by isolated data sources and gain a more holistic understanding of customer behavior.

Advanced targeting for instant personalized interactions

In this paradigm shift for customer engagement, MessageGears’ advanced targeting and triggering capabilities empower brands to directly leverage customer behavioral data for instant personalized interactions across channels. Unlike leading competitors that have, at best, a 15-minute delay in accessing data, real time with MessageGears means real time.



Enterprise organizations typically struggle with data silos, storage costs, and security risks when trying to leverage a high volume of customer behavioral insights. With MessageGears, every customer action (or inaction) taken in the app is recorded directly back to the brand’s data warehouse. This direct data access creates a comprehensive customer profile, offering a holistic view of user engagement, preferences, and behaviors. 

Serving as a bridge between raw customer data and personalized engagement across channels, MessageGears eliminates the barriers hindering the effective use of customer insights for cross-channel campaigns.

Massive cost savings for enterprise brands

Beyond the transformative impact on personalization and customer engagement, MessageGears’ enhanced solution translates into substantial cost savings for enterprise brands.

By removing the need to transfer data between platforms or store it in third-party environments, brands can leverage the full scope of their customer data without incurring additional and unnecessary costs.

MessageGears’ customers will never pay to stream events, move data around, or store it externally. Eliminating these costs means brands can maximize their resources and focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Partner with MessageGears for cross-channel engagement success

To understand the value that MessageGears’ enhanced push solution provides, think of it this way: If you need customized, relevant messaging across all channels based on instant real-time data, this new offering makes that possible.

This deep integration between mobile push and the rest of the MessageGears platform marks another milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive customer engagement and redefine the future of enterprise marketing.

MessageGears is the only data-connected cross-channel engagement platform built for today’s enterprise. Through direct data access and innovative platform capabilities, marketers can deliver compelling customer experiences at massive scale faster and more flexibly than ever before.

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