Customer’s Corner: How Hospitality Brands Can Use MessageGears To Reach Travelers

Sep 24, 2021
Danielle Briner

You may have read a bit about how MessageGears enables enterprise hotel brands to send highly personalized, dynamic marketing messages to their travelers.  

Just like how hotels make travelers feel at home, MessageGears helps enterprise brands reach their customers with the right message, where it matters most, and when it matters most — whether this is when they’re waking up, checking emails, enjoying a bite to eat over lunch, scrolling through social media, or checking their travel plans the night before they jet set. 

Today, we’re going to walk through how enterprise marketers and I.T. teams alike can utilize their real-time customer data in MessageGears to send compelling marketing messages via email, push, and SMS. 

Let’s Walk Through A Use Case 

As travel ramps back up, there’s never been a better time to engage excited customers looking to get back out there. This brings a new opportunity for marketing to reach new customers and re-engage existing customers. 

For new customers, enterprise marketers may run new travel specials, as well as short-term hotel vs long-term vacation packages. 

Then, for loyal customers, hospitality brands have the opportunity to launch re-engagement campaigns, enhanced loyalty programs, and existing customer specials. 

One of the best ways to engage customers overall is with specialized marketing messages that resonate with your travelers and build toward your brand loyalty. 

Getaway Hotels 

Getaway Hotels is MessageGears’ mock client representing enterprise travel brands that can benefit from MessageGears. 

MessageGears Segment 

You can see in MessageGears Segment that we have an audience of about 3 million travelers. This is a live look at our real-time customer data. Since we live right on top of the customer data, we’ve pulled in this customer information directly from Getaway Hotel’s modern data warehouse. 

Now, we can segment our audience based on how we want to send our specific marketing messages. 

MessageGears Message 

Here in MessageGears Message, we have email, push, and SMS all in one place for quick and simple marketing. However, if you currently have another provider for push or SMS, MessageGears easily integrates with any tool you are using. 

What’s unique about MessageGears Message, especially paired with MessageGears’ Contextual Data Suite, is that marketers can curate extremely modular messages that are highly unique to each traveler you’re targeting. 

MessageGears Engage 

Not to mention, MessageGears Engage allows you to access all your real-time customer data up to send time. Even better, if your customer’s preferences change between email opens, their new data will render on the latest open, providing a best-of-breed experience. As you can see below, we have our customer’s name and his travel preference pulling dynamically in our marketing email preview. This information can change upon email render with Engage pulling the most up-to-date customer data straight from your database. 

This can be accomplished using Movable Ink — one of our great partners — or any other solution your team may leverage while creating emails. 


With travel becoming hotter than ever, take the time to find out how to best reach your customers, whether they are new or seasoned. By accessing your live data, MessageGears allows you to create better brand experiences and elevated loyalty. What’s more to ask? Always feel free to reach out with more questions. We’re here to help!

About the Author

Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.