MessageGears Recognized as One to Watch in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

MessageGears Recognized as One to Watch in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

MessageGears enables joint customers to unlock the power of customer data stored in Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

ATLANTA, GA (SEPTEMBER 14, 2023) – MessageGears, the leading customer engagement platform for big consumer brands, today announced that it has been recognized as a Customer Data Activation one to watch in the Modern Marketing Data Stack 2023: How Data-Forward Marketers Are Redefining Strategies to Unify, Analyze, and Activate Data to Boost Revenue executed and launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. 

Snowflake’s data-backed report identifies the best of breed solutions used by Snowflake customers to show how marketers can leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud with accompanying partner solutions to best identify, serve, and convert valuable prospects into loyal customers. By analyzing usage patterns from a pool of approximately 8,100 customers as of April  2023, Snowflake identified ten technology categories that organizations consider when building their marketing data stacks. The extensive research reflects how customers are adopting solutions from a rapidly changing ecosystem and highlights the convergence of adtech and martech, the increased importance of privacy enhancing technologies, and the heightened focus marketers have on measurement to maximize campaign ROI. The ten categories include:

  • Analytics & Data Capture
  • Enrichment
  • Identity & Activation
    • Identity & Onboarders 
    • Customer Data Activation
    • Advertising Platforms
  • Measurement & Attribution
  • Integration & Modeling
  • Business Intelligence
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Focusing on those companies that are active members of the Snowflake Partner Network (or ones with a comparable agreement in place with Snowflake), as well as Snowflake Marketplace providers, the report explores each of these categories that comprise the Modern Marketing Data Stack, highlighting technology partners and their solutions as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category. The report also details how current Snowflake customers leverage a number of these partner technologies to enable data-driven marketing strategies and informed business decisions. Snowflake’s report provides a concrete overview of the partner solution providers and data providers marketers choose to create their data stacks.

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables marketing professionals to model and enrich their data directly in the Data Cloud without the need to move or copy that data elsewhere,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “MessageGears’ innovative work helps brands leverage their Snowflake data to send dynamic and personalized marketing campaigns in real-time. We look forward to observing their continued momentum in empowering our joint customers.”

MessageGears was identified in Snowflake’s report as one to watch in the Customer Data Activation category as a cloud-native customer engagement platform that connects directly to the Data Cloud, helping users build flexible, personalized, real-time interactions across every channel for profitable and loyal customer relationships. MessageGears makes it possible for enterprise marketers to leverage zero- and first-party data to engage with their customers in personalized ways. By directly accessing the Snowflake Data Cloud, MessageGears helps customers eliminate the latency, inflexibility, and other limitations they face when using legacy marketing platforms.

“Our platform is purpose-built to help big brands get closer to their customers by unlocking the full potential of their data. This recognition in Snowflake’s 2023 Modern Marketing Data Stack report is a testament to the ongoing dedication MessageGears demonstrates for our joint customers,” said Michael Murdza, MessageGears’ Vice President of Product. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Snowflake as we enable enterprises to access all of the data that lives in their Snowflake Data Cloud so they can activate the marketing campaigns of their dreams.”

Joint customers of MessageGears and Snowflake include leading enterprise brands like Rakuten, Party City, OpenTable, Frontdoor, American Home Shield, Indeed, Sherwin-Williams, and Expedia.

“There’s no more data syncing from an old system into another system,” said Joseph Lee, Senior Technical Engagement Marketing Manager at joint customer, OpenTable. “All of our marketing channels sit on top of Snowflake. MessageGears does the deployment. So all of our personalized emails can then trigger off of this Snowflake data set. It goes out, and then it stores right back into Snowflake, which is also a huge plus.“

MessageGears became a Powered By Snowflake partner and a Technology partner in 2022. The Powered By Snowflake designation reflects the fact that MessageGears is a Snowflake-connected application and that the cloud aspect of MessageGears leverages the Snowflake Data Cloud.

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