Predictive AI Trends for Customer-Obsessed Brands

Predictive AI Trends for Customer-Obsessed Brands in 2024

A whopping 99% of enterprise marketers agreed that AI can improve our understanding of customer behavior and preferences. If anything is holding the enterprise back, it’s uncertainty about internal expertise and training… Don’t let an AI knowledge gap limit you! Tune in on demand as Natalia Dykyj, MessageGears CMO, and Will Devlin, VP of Marketing, walk through new research that details what big brands have to say about AI in 2024.

This webinar will cover exciting insight from your peers, including:

  • Top channels and tactics where AI moves the needle
  • Challenges enterprises are facing when it comes to AI
  • How big brands plan to leverage AI this year
  • The predictive AI models your brand should know about

It’s impossible to avoid leaning into AI at this point. Enterprise leaders know this – but they also know that not all AI is created equally. Don’t miss this expert session for a chance to learn all about predictive AI and how to best implement it with your team.