Report: AI is having a significant impact on enterprise-level customer engagement

According to a new study from MessageGears, 99% of marketers say that using AI has impacted their ability to understand customer preferences and behavior.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (JANUARY 11, 2024)MessageGears, the leading cross-channel engagement platform for big consumer brands, announces the results of a study on AI and customer engagement. A key takeaway from the survey of enterprise marketers in companies with 500 or more employees is that the vast majority already use AI in their marketing – and it’s paying off. 

For today’s marketers, the big goal is making real connections with customers. Doing so strengthens brand recognition and builds trust. However, only 53% of marketing pros surveyed by MessageGears said they were very successful at connecting with customers, leaving significant room for improvement and leading many to adopt new tech, such as AI. 

AI is boosting customer engagement

Enterprise leaders said AI has been particularly useful in boosting customer engagement. Fifty-eight percent of marketers surveyed by MessageGears use AI in targeted advertising campaigns, and 49% use the technology for personalized email marketing, customer support and service, and customized product recommendations.

A whopping 97% of enterprise marketing experts using AI said they successfully delivered personalized content and recommendations, and 39% said the experience was exceptional. Additionally, 99% say AI is making a big difference in figuring out customer preferences and behavior. 

Where marketers are running into AI challenges

AI use cases are still relatively new, so it’s no surprise that the main headaches for marketing leaders are the lack of AI know-how in their departments and getting teams up to speed. Plus, weaving AI into the mix can be a bit of a puzzle, thanks to the complex integration with existing systems.

Specifically, 42% of marketers said limited AI expertise was the top challenge when implementing AI for customer engagement, followed by staff training (39%), integration complexity (35%), budget/resource constraints (35%), and privacy/compliance issues (32%).

AI helps marketers save money

In times of tight budgets and streamlined teams, marketers are looking to AI as a means of reducing costs. Seventy-two percent of those surveyed said they had saved money thanks to AI, and only three percent said AI had added costs to their balance sheets. The data shows that investing in AI pays off as teams learn to harness the technology.

The future of AI and marketing

Enterprise marketers have a wish list of uses for AI in the year ahead. Fifty-three percent want to use the tech to accurately identify who will most likely make a purchase, and 50% would like AI to help them pinpoint the most effective channels to reach customers. Meanwhile, 61% said AI would be very or extremely crucial to their marketing strategies going forward.

“AI algorithms are like the secret sauce, letting marketers dive deep into customer data,” said Will Devlin, VP Marketing at MessageGears. “Then, armed with the inside scoop on preferences, behaviors, and demographics, marketers can fine-tune messages on the fly. With real-time tweaks to content, timing, and more, AI-powered campaigns ensure the connection between a brand and its audience is spot-on and meaningful.”

To access the complete report, The Enterprise Perspective on AI & Customer Engagement, go here.

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