+ MessageGears
Reach the Right People at the Right Rime with the Right Message

Marketers can now use Phrasee’s Brand Language Optimization to get optimized, on-brand copy, at the click of a button, across all native channels featured in the MessageGears platform; Email, Push, and SMS. 

Phrasee + MessageGears
Automatically generate high-performing, on-brand language

Phrasee combines deep learning with the latest state-of-the-art AI technology to deliver the industry’s most advanced natural language generation. We tailor this Phormula to your target audience and brand standards to generate short-form content that’s proven to get attention. Leveraging historical data and the results of automated experimentation, Phrasee feeds you the language that’s most likely to win your audience’s heart – driving more clicks today and more loyalty tomorrow. Best of all, it all happens in just a few clicks.

Put testing in high gear to improve performance over time, every time

Phrasee X Dynamic Optimization empowers marketers to not only generate but optimize language in real-time – and it’s the first and only tool of its kind. This helps you respond to customers more nimbly and personally by automatically testing and deploying the best performing language to reach the widest possible audience. 

Knowing your customers just got easier

Track messaging success and see the impact of Brand Language Optimization on your marketing campaigns with powerful analytics captured in both MessageGears and Phrasee. 

AI powered on-brand language from Phrasee on MessageGears
  • Seamlessly generate AIpowered subject lines through Phrasee to get the ones that’ll drive results. 
  • Dynamically update campaigns based on current campaign “champion”, as measured by Phrasee. 
  • Integrate data from limitless sources using MessageGears context API functionality in cross-channel campaigns. 

413% ROI in 3 years

Download the Total Economic Impact™ Report to find out how.

413% ROI in 3 years 

Download the Total Economic Impact™ Report to find out how.

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