MessageGears and Phrasee Team Up to Personalize Marketing Messages for Email Super Senders

Jan 20, 2022

Party City and Rakuten Rewards are the first brands to take advantage of the seamless integration

MessageGears, the customer engagement software company, has enhanced its Message product by integrating technology from Phrasee, the global leader in brand language optimization.

Marketers will be able to access Phrasee’s AI-powered SaaS technology to generate, automate, and analyze brand-optimized language, directly from the MessageGears platform. This will allow some of the world’s largest B2C companies to transform marketing campaigns and deliver the messages that are most likely to be read. This integration adds to MessageGears’ ability to make it easy for marketers to access customer data, build audiences and send personalized messages.

Joint customers including Party City and Rakuten Rewards have seen an immediate uplift in their email and push campaigns through optimized subject lines and copy, resulting in a significant increase in revenue and campaign performance. Marketers using MessageGears and Phrasee can expect a 10% average increase in email open rates and 16% increase in click rates.

“We strive to create truly personalized email marketing campaigns that will resonate with our customer base and ensure we stand out,” said Alisa Stewart, Senior Director of Acquisition, CRM and Loyalty at Party City. “With Phrasee’s integration into the MessageGears platform, we can now test out the most compelling subject lines. This insight helps us to drive an even more engaging and tailored interaction with customers. Phrasee’s technology has not only boosted online sales, but its brand language optimization has boosted store footfall too. This is a valuable partnership for us.”

“We know that marketers are increasing the number of messages they’re sending and that the return on investment for email marketing messages is extremely high,” said Craig Pohan, Chief Technology Officer at MessageGears. “Therefore, it benefits marketers to do what they can to increase the chances that marketing messages will be read. Integrating Phrasee with MessageGears enhances these odds by a nontrivial amount, which should be great news for our customers.”

“We have a fantastic relationship with MessageGears and this integration is a sign of our continued commitment to ensure email marketers have access to the most advanced technology,” said Victoria Peppiatt, Chief Revenue Officer at Phrasee. “The combined email firepower of MessageGears and Phrasee, and the spirit of collaboration, will transform the commercial outcomes for our joint customers.”

MessageGears is one of the first partners to integrate Phrasee’s most advanced optimization technology, Phrasee X, into its user interface. Joint customers will be able to optimize language in real-time, automatically testing multiple messages and identifying top-performing copy to ensure the most effective and engaging messages are being sent.


About MessageGears

MessageGears is the only customer engagement platform built for today’s enterprise. Powered by Accelerator technology, MessageGears is a radically different enterprise software company, delivering advanced customer segmentation and message personalization and delivery that simply outperforms other enterprise marketing clouds and data platforms. Through direct data access and innovative platform capabilities, marketers can deliver compelling customer experiences at massive scale, faster and more flexibly than ever before. MessageGears has transformed what marketers thought was possible at major brands like Expedia, Rakuten, T-Mobile, and Chick-fil-A. Learn more at messagegears.com.


About Phrasee

Phrasee® revolutionizes customer experiences by optimizing the language brands use across the full customer journey. Its AI-powered SaaS platform brings together natural language generation, machine learning and dynamic optimization, making Phrasee the only provider of its kind to generate, optimize, automate, and analyze language in real time. Phrasee boosts customer engagement and increases lifetime value for the world’s leading B2C brands – including Domino’s, eBay, FARFETCH, Groupon, Party City and Walgreens – all while adhering to companies’ unique brand standards and voice. Today, over 1 billion people across four continents have responded to Phrasee-generated language. For more info, visit https://phrasee.co/