Snowplow + MessageGears
Create, access and activate rich behavioral data in real-time to build custom audiences and power personalized messaging.

As the leader in Data Creation, Snowplow enables any business to purposefully create behavioral data to deliver breakthrough AI and advanced analytics applications directly from their warehouse, lake or in a real-time stream.

MessageGears’ partnership with Snowplow allows joint customers to send customer-centric messaging at unlimited scale to millions of customers using real-time behavioral data with no security concerns.

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Snowplow + MessageGears
Maintain a single source of truth about your customers by converting your modern data warehouse into your CDP, eliminating data silos and driving more business value at scale.
  • Collect customer data from all angles
  • Create a seamless view of customer behavior by capturing first-party user identifiers across all your platforms and products
  • Unify granular customer data


Snowplow, a first-party, privacy-compliant data creation platform within your cloud infrastructure. MessageGears leverages your existing data investments without mapping, moving, or storing any information inside our platform.