Capture rich, first-party data to power next-gen customer engagement with MessageGears + Snowplow
Fuel data-driven customer engagement with rich, first-party behavioral data – directly from your data warehouse or data lake in real time

Collect, organize, and harness your first-party customer data into advanced data applications and customer experiences using the powerful integration between MessageGears and Snowplow. Define, manage, and monitor data quality in Snowplow – and then leverage unlimited data points to deploy more personalized messaging with MessageGears.

Snowplow + MessageGears
Maintain a single source of truth and eliminate data silos

With Snowplow effortlessly fueling first-party data points to your data warehouse or data lake, brands can deploy rich customer experiences to dynamic audiences using MessageGears.

Connect to your data where it lives

As a first-party, privacy-compliant data creation platform within your existing data cloud infrastructure, marketers can be sure that their customer data remains secure when using Snowplow and MessageGears.