Truly dynamic personalization in every moment with MessageGears + Movable Ink
Unlock the power of moments-based personalized dynamic content scaled to millions of customers.

Truly dynamic personalization is right at your fingertips. Using the powerful integration between Movable Ink and MessageGears, marketers can create messages across email, web, and mobile that are personalized for every customer at scale – and they’re all dynamically updated at the time someone opens your message. Using MessageGears, marketers can pull dynamic content from Movable Ink that is targeted and triggered using live data to create unique messages for millions of customers – from just one block of content in just one message template. It’s really that simple.

Movable Ink + MessageGears
Movable Ink + MessageGears
Deliver relevant customer moments with unique creative that is built using past customer cues.

Create dynamic content that is personalized in the specific moment an individual customer views your message. Use advanced targeting and triggering capabilities in MessageGears to deliver better experiences across channels so you’re always meeting your customers where they are, in real time.

Merge relevant data from your martech stack to tell a compelling story.

Build creative for rich push notifications with real-time data from API, web, CSV, CRM sources, and more. Activate your creative with real-time information like live pricing and inventory, personalized offers and loyalty reward balances.