The Relevancy Group Names MessageGears A Top Martech Innovator

The Relevancy Group Names MessageGears a Top Martech Innovator

MessageGears was named one of the top martech innovators of 2018 in a recent report issued by The Relevancy Group. The honor was issued to companies The Relevancy Group’s experts thought have a “unique and innovative approach to delivering solutions that optimize and digitally transform their client’s businesses.”

The Relevancy Group cited MessageGears’ ability to not replicate their clients’ customer data in a cloud of their own as a significant advantage and a major innovation that helps companies both send more personalized, real-time messages and save significant money over their competitors. That’s a big part of why they said the MessageGears’ cross-channel platform “provides limitless real-time data marketing opportunities,” pointing out that the email service provider is well equipped to address major marketing priorities such as improving segmentation and targeting; utilizing real-time data; and improving integration and automation to other applications, systems and data stores.

“Being innovative is one of our core principles, so it’s particularly validating to see that work recognized by The Relevancy Group’s experts,” said Roger Barnette, CEO of MessageGears. “Our team works incredibly hard every day to imagine and then execute industry-best and industry-first solutions for our customers, enabling them to deliver messaging campaigns that generate results they couldn’t achieve with any other platform. Recognition such as this only makes us even more motivated to continue being a force for innovation in the industry.”

“MessageGears has been on our radar for several years now, with their innovative approach to messaging that lets clients directly use their own data,” The Relevancy Group CEO David Daniels said. “But the significant advances they made in their product this past year really took them to another level, in terms of being a leader in innovation for the industry.”

The Relevancy Group went on to note that MessageGears earned the highest client satisfaction scores in the areas of Product Innovation, Infrastructure/Stability, Account Management, Technical Services, Integration, Technical, and Customer Support in their 2018 ESP Buyer’s Guide, Enterprise Edition.

The full report is available to download for free at MessageGears’ website.

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