MessageGears’ Latest Research Provides A Snapshot Of Cross-channel Marketing Today

MessageGears’ latest research provides a snapshot of cross-channel marketing today

While push messaging and SMS continue to grow in importance as marketing channels, team integration is still a major challenge for enterprise teams, and email continues to deliver results, a new research report from cross-channel messaging leader MessageGears has found.

MessageGears’ report, titled Cross-Channel Messaging and Today’s Marketer, reveals that 74% of enterprise marketers have teams that are all or mostly siloed. In addition, 57% said they have to build campaigns for each messaging channel in its own user interface, illustrating one of the common platform flaws that leads to silos that make it difficult to create cross-channel campaigns that are cohesive and satisfying for the consumer.

The survey also found that 83% of enterprise marketers use email to send marketing messages, and 44% send more than half of their overall messages via email. That compares to roughly 20% for SMS and push, suggesting that these channels are making their mark, but that email is still the most favored channel by marketers today.

“It was fascinating to hear directly from marketers on their feelings regarding cross-channel messaging, to better understand the challenges they’re facing,” MessageGears VP of Marketing Will Devlin said. “Consumers expect to have a seamless experience when interacting with your brand regardless of the channel you’re using, so it’s never been more important than it is now for companies to develop an integrated marketing strategy that keeps those silos from going up in the first place.”

You can download the full report at MessageGears’ website, including analysis of the findings and the raw data from the study.

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