Your Email Program And Getting Back To Normal

Your Email Program and Getting Back to Normal

You don’t need us to tell you the world is different right now — every government agency, news source, social media feed, and even beer commercial reminds us of the current pandemic situation almost constantly. Unsurprisingly, email marketing has seen its share of impact from these changes, challenging senders to get their messaging right in the midst of widespread uncertainty. Through the MessageGears blog, we’ve done our best to help navigate this new landscape — Jeff Haws recently shared some of the hard lessons we’ve learned in trying times, and Nick Ziech-Lopez has been furiously crunching numbers to share as much data as possible about the trends we’re seeing during this particular crisis. They’ve both done a great job at presenting useful information; so well, in fact, that I don’t have much to add to their analyses.

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Are Email Marketers “Flattening The Curve” Of COVID-19 Messaging?

Are Email Marketers “Flattening the Curve” of COVID-19 Messaging?

Recently, we published an update to the research we had conducted concerning the marketing messaging trends among the world’s Super Senders as the world came to grips with COVID-19. Now, after a month of continued self-isolation and quarantine in many places around the world, we wanted to take another look at the larger trends of email sending and interaction to see how marketers were reacting to the prolonged fight against the virus. Key questions for this analysis were:

  • What are the volume trends for email over 2020? Can we observe some sort of stability or continuing trend?
  • What kinds of mailings are being sent? Do we see a shift in marketing campaigns vs. triggered messages?
  • How are recipients interacting with mailings? Now that many people are staying at home for much of the day, will that affect interaction?

To perform the analysis, we reviewed billions of delivered emails since the beginning of the year. All times displayed are in Eastern time for ease of visualization, and all volumes are relative.

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MessageGears announces $12M to eliminate data friction for enterprise marketers

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