Push Notifications for eCommerce: 10 High Performing Examples

Oct 13, 2021

If there’s something that resonates with mobile users more than a perfectly timed push notification, it’s a personal one. Copy is important across all messaging channels, and mobile marketing teams sometimes struggle to fit engaging content into the limited space of a push notification.

Below, we have compiled a series of creative push notification templates that you can steal, complete with copy, image ideas, CTAs, and recommended triggers and timing.

1. Celebrate A User’s Birthday

Trigger this thoughtful message on a user’s birthday to add to their special day. Including a user’s first name in the message copy and speaking to their unique circumstances are surefire ways of creating a one-to-one connection and spurring engagement.

Content: Happy Birthday Rachel! Have a coffee on us to celebrate your special day ☕

Call-to-action: Claim My Coffee

Trigger: On the morning of an individual user’s birthday.

2. Reminder to Complete Purchase

When a user has something left in their shopping cart without completing the purchase, trigger this message while their purchase intent is still high.

Customers abandon for many reasons, so a gentle reminder can sometimes be enough to encourage them to convert.

Content: Those kicks would look way better on your feet than in our cart!

Call-to-action: Finish My Order

Trigger: 24 hours after the user adds an item to their shopping cart and fails to complete the purchase.

3. Promo Code to Encourage Reengagement

You have won the user’s attention; they downloaded your app, the onboarding process went perfectly, and they were active for a while. They even made some purchases. But, some time has passed, and it is obvious that the user’s interest is slowly fading—it has been a while since they last launched the app.

When a valuable active user becomes less engaged, send them a push like this to quickly nudge them back onto your app and reduce the likelihood of churn.

Content: We haven’t seen you in a while. Use the code MISSYOU for 10% off your next purchase.

Call-to-action: Claim My Discount

Trigger: When a previously active user hasn’t opened the app in the last seven days.

4. Make Recommendations Based on Past Purchasing Behavior

Sending product recommendations based on a customer’s recent purchases and browsing history is a great way to drive more transactions and boost revenue. Trigger a personalized message like this when a user purchases from a particular product category.

Content: Loving your new boots? Pair them with this skirt for the complete look.

Call-to-action: Complete My Outfit

Trigger: Five days after the user receives an order containing boots.

5. Provide Order and Shipping Updates

Keep users informed and notified on the status of their order in real-time. Send a push notification when a user’s order is being processed, has been shipped, and is out for delivery.

Nine in ten consumers say the ability to track shipments in real-time is important, so providing this information directly to their devices instills trust and confidence in your brand.

Content: Hey Mark! Your order is shipped and is on its way. You can track the live status for more info.

Call-to-action: Track My Order

Trigger: As soon as the status of an order changes to shipped.

6. Send Seasonal Offers and Discounts

For seasonal events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider offering app-only rewards such as added discounts, extra loyalty points, or exclusive early access.

It is our nature to seek out deals (a survey from Hawk Incentives found that 97 percent of people actively look for offers when shopping), so if some offers are exclusive to your app, customers have an incentive to stay active.

Content: 3,2,1…Black Friday app-only deals start now. But hurry, it’s for 48 hours only! ⏰

Call-to-action: Shop All Deals

Trigger: The evening before Black Friday.

7. Deliver a Weather-Related Message

Create a contextually relevant experience for your app users by delivering weather-related offers and content via push.

By linking product recommendations to the user’s location, you can trigger messaging such as this example that delights users and drives engagement.

Content: Phew – it sure was a hot day today ☀️ But guess what? The sunglasses you wanted are back in stock!

Call-to-action: Order My Sunglasses

Trigger: When a summer-tagged product is in a user’s wish list or shopping cart and the user lives in a city or area experiencing warm weather.

8. Encourage Product Reviews

Product reviews have become critical to retail businesses and can significantly impact conversion rates. A study by Reevo indicates a lift of 4.6% in conversion rates with reviews.

Help drive product reviews by delivering a push notification like this as soon as a user has had enough time to use your product.

Content: Emily, how much are you loving your new headphones? Please take a minute to write a review.

Call-to-action: Sure Thing

Trigger: A fortnight after a user receives their product and the delivery was on time and the customer has not made any complaints since receiving the product.

9. Offer Free Shipping to New Users

If you don’t already offer free shipping as a standard, consider at least offering it to first-time users who have just downloaded your app.

Content: Welcome Sam! As a thank you for downloading our app, we’d like to offer you free shipping on your first order.

Call-to-action: Start Shopping

Trigger: One day after a user installs the app.

10. Deliver Relevant Location-Based Content

Geo-targeted push notifications perfectly incorporate personalization, relevancy, timeliness, and contextualization in a single campaign. Trigger a push notification prompting users to visit a nearby store when they enter a specific location.

Content: Welcome to Nashville! Visit our store on Broadway to pick up a pair of the best country kicks in town.

Call-to-action: Take Me There

Trigger: When a user enters a 2-mile radius of the store.

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