Marketing Lessons Learned In A Time Of Crisis

Marketing Lessons Learned in a Time of Crisis

When Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas, the images coming out of the devastating flooding were heartbreaking to see. So many people were driven from their homes, their jobs, and their lives by historic amounts of rain that seemed at times like it might never stop.

It’s a sad reality that major events like this happen often — hurricanes, earthquakes, violence, terrorism, etc. — and we as marketers can be so involved in our day-to-day operations that we lose sight of the fact that each email we send (even if it’s sent as part of a larger automated program) lands in the inbox of a real person who could be impacted by whatever’s going on in the world. And, even if they’re not directly impacted, it’s not hard to spot when a brand isn’t showing empathy for the people who are hurting, and that can turn anybody off.

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