Build and activate audiences on any channel

Empower marketers to work independently

Define dynamic customer segments that reflect real-time attributes and behaviors – and finally say goodbye to stale data, syncing delays, and IT requests. Increase conversions and ROI with more timely and personalized campaigns.

Build better audiences in minutes

Launch Customer Data to Hundreds of Destinations Quickly and Easily


How we’re different

Launch high-performing, personalized campaigns on any channel with precise, in-the-moment audience segmentation.

Create dynamic visual segments powered by live data

MessageGears provides users with the ability to visually segment customers through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface – combining the power of advanced decisioning logic with a user experience open to anyone.

  • Empower marketers to segment using all available data, regardless of data storage
  • Easily create dynamic, visual segmentations powered by your live customer data
  • Even less technical marketers can build segments
Launch customer data to hundreds of destinations

Not every customer should get the same message. MessageGears lets you create personalized experiences by communicating with customers through any channel.

  • Communicate through virtually any channel
  • Create consistent, personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints
  • Export dynamic segments to hundreds of third-party destinations
  • No limits on export size – scales to however large your recipient list is
Where data meets marketing

Knowing your audience isn’t enough – marketers need the ability to enhance and record data for living snapshots of users

  • Add segmentation labels to your user data to make better use of groups and segments
  • Empower marketing teams to have more control over how they message different customers
A composable customer engagement platform

MessageGears puts the user in the driver’s seat for content creation and delivery

  • Utilize dynamic segments for email and mobile messaging
  • Orchestrate cross-channel campaigns using sophisticated groups and segments