Yes, it’s still 90+ degrees out in much of the country, but a good marketer knows that designing a successful holiday email program requires months of planning. Without the proper technology and infrastructure, though, a holiday email program won’t be successful no matter how well everything else has been planned. With a little prep (and… Read more »

Many recent articles have highlighted the plight of the CMO. A recent issue of Harvard Business Review, “The Trouble With CMOs,” called it the riskiest job in the C-suite, with an average tenure of four years, half that of the CEO. An article in MediaPost by Maarten Albarda pointed out that while five C-suite members… Read more »

“It’s Thursday. We send our main marketing emails on Thursdays. So it has been on every Thursday of every week since the dawn of time. And so shall it be unto infinity.” Sound familiar? For many companies, sending out regularly scheduled marketing emails has become an indispensable part of their digital marketing strategy. And for… Read more »

Every marketer has faced challenges when creating what they hope to be successful email programs. For those working in highly regulated industries such as banking, those challenges can often seem like mission impossible. The many and changing regulations that govern banks apply fully to their marketing departments. And while email marketers have been able to… Read more »