Every marketer has faced challenges when creating what they hope to be successful email programs. For those working in highly regulated industries such as banking, those challenges can often seem like mission impossible. The many and changing regulations that govern banks apply fully to their marketing departments. And while email marketers have been able to… Read more »

Better personalization begets better marketing. Brands and marketers have both been well aware of this fact for a long time. It’s why “personalization” has been one of the biggest marketing industry buzzwords for the better part of the last half-decade. But what does personalization actually look like? There was a time not too long ago… Read more »

Email marketing is a dialogue. A conversation between one brand and one consumer. It is a conversation which can seem a bit one-sided at times but is a conversation nonetheless. And, in almost every case, the onus of keeping the conversation going falls squarely upon the shoulders of the brand. But who wants to have… Read more »

To be successful in today’s marketplace, marketers need to understand and adapt to their customer’s journey. Customers are likely just one device away, and yet their path down the sales funnel is neither linear nor direct. They experience cues and communications on multiple devices and channels and respond in an equally diverse manner. Despite this… Read more »