Last week, MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette and Co-Founder Dan Roy got on stage at the annual MarketingSherpa Summit in Las Vegas to present “Addressing the Unique Email Needs of the Enterprise Marketer” in the event’s Solutions Theater. In the session, the two made the case for why enterprise businesses need innovative technology solutions and partners… Read more »

Product: Accelerator Section: Campaign Difficulty: Intermediate Introduction Last week our Marketing Director, Will Devlin, talked about the importance of welcome emails and gave several examples from prominent brands. If you’re still on the fence about implementing a triggered welcome email campaign, then be sure to check out If instead you are ready to get… Read more »

Product: Accelerator Section: Data Difficulty: Advanced Introduction Event processing in e-mail marketing is nearly a requirement for enterprise companies. Without insight into unsubscribe and complaint data, companies leave themselves open to potential lawsuits. Beyond legal ramifications, engagement data (measuring the number of times an e-mail was opened or that a link was clicked) is arguably… Read more »

Product: Accelerator Section: Data Difficulty: Moderate Introduction With MessageGears Accelerator, injecting data into your Templates is a snap. No custom integration logic is required for most sources. Whether you are using your internal Data-Warehouse or a simple URL, your Templates will access the data in the same way via the FreeMarker rendering engine. We will… Read more »