It’s fair to say Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Hemingway didn’t do a tremendous amount of email marketing in his time, considering he was born in the 19th century and died in 1961. He wasn’t even a marketer, moving from journalism to author and more or less mastering both during his life. Still, his instincts for… Read more »

Most online marketers have been there: a co-worker comes up with a great idea for a marketing campaign, or says “This should be the subject line of the next email,” seemingly without reasoning beyond it being their personal preference. Or, conversely, you could have an idea of your own that you think would be great… Read more »

When Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas, the images coming out of the devastating flooding were heartbreaking to see. So many people were driven from their homes, their jobs, and their lives by historic amounts of rain that seemed at times like it might never stop. It’s a sad reality that major events like this happen… Read more »

Yes, it’s still 90+ degrees out in much of the country, but a good marketer knows that designing a successful holiday email program requires months of planning. Without the proper technology and infrastructure, though, a holiday email program won’t be successful no matter how well everything else has been planned. With a little prep (and… Read more »

Many recent articles have highlighted the plight of the CMO. A recent issue of Harvard Business Review, “The Trouble With CMOs,” called it the riskiest job in the C-suite, with an average tenure of four years, half that of the CEO. An article in MediaPost by Maarten Albarda pointed out that while five C-suite members… Read more »

“It’s Thursday. We send our main marketing emails on Thursdays. So it has been on every Thursday of every week since the dawn of time. And so shall it be unto infinity.” Sound familiar? For many companies, sending out regularly scheduled marketing emails has become an indispensable part of their digital marketing strategy. And for… Read more »

Better personalization begets better marketing. Brands and marketers have both been well aware of this fact for a long time. It’s why “personalization” has been one of the biggest marketing industry buzzwords for the better part of the last half-decade. But what does personalization actually look like? There was a time not too long ago… Read more »

Email marketing is a dialogue. A conversation between one brand and one consumer. It is a conversation which can seem a bit one-sided at times but is a conversation nonetheless. And, in almost every case, the onus of keeping the conversation going falls squarely upon the shoulders of the brand. But who wants to have… Read more »

Last week, MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette and Co-Founder Dan Roy got on stage at the annual MarketingSherpa Summit in Las Vegas to present “Addressing the Unique Email Needs of the Enterprise Marketer” in the event’s Solutions Theater. In the session, the two made the case for why enterprise businesses need innovative technology solutions and partners… Read more »