MessageGears Segment
Unlock and activate your customer data for Salesforce Marketing Cloud with MessageGears Segment
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Spent a bunch of money on Marketing Cloud, but still having problems?

If you’re a user of SFMC, you likely don’t enjoy working with static data in Audience Builder, having difficult conversations constantly asking for updated data, or ending up in a SFMC Data Extension Nightmare trying to create attributes you don’t have. But fear not — MessageGears Segment has directly and positively impacted the experience of enterprise marketers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and is purpose-built to improve your marketing with data

MessageGears Segment
The missing link between your data and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Legacy ESPs like Salesforce Marketing Cloud don’t play well with modern data warehouses because they still require data to be replicated and synced to them in order to work. MessageGears Segment is the missing link. Now you can build audiences using live data directly from your internal database and turbocharge marketing campaigns sent through Marketing Cloud.

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