Choosing the right martech to solve your data problems

In a world where collecting, managing, and activating customer data is critical to your brand’s success, many martech and data professionals are reimagining their approach to building a martech stack.

In this 30-minute podcast-style webinar, Chris Marriott, Founder of Email Connect, and Luke Ambrosetti, Senior Partner Solutions Engineer at Snowflake, sit down to lend advice to enterprise brands evaluating new tech. From composability to data schemas, join us as we cover red flags to look out for in a world where every vendor claims they connect to your data.

Tune in on demand to learn:

  • Pros and cons of data sharing models vs composable, direct access models
  • Use cases to consider during vendor evaluations
  • Questions to ask during the RFP and demo process

Hear from the experts how Snowflake customers are evaluating customer engagement platforms and CDPs, and leave with an actionable framework to ask questions during your next vendor evaluation. Don’t miss this conversation followed by Q&A to find out how you can navigate the ever-expanding landscape of martech solutions.