Make Your Own Luck with Data-Driven Marketing featuring Phrasee + Party City

Apr 01, 2022

When it comes to the intricacies of marketing messaging, customer preferences are constantly changing in ways that brands can never be sure of.

Sometimes it feels like retail marketers are flipping a coin when it comes to how they generate maximum impact and ROI.

Say goodbye to guesswork: in this expert fireside chat, we’ll explore how marketers can make their own luck with data-driven personalization, trust-building technology, and supercharged ROI.

Join a panel crammed with martech’s industry veterans & retail customer-centric expertise, including:

  • Party City Senior Director Acquisition, CRM & Loyalty, Alisa Stewart
  • MessageGears Client Solutions Director, Dave Smith
  • Phrasee Customer Success Director, Leigha Beynsberger

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