MessageGears Launches Industry-Leading Drag-and-Drop UI

Oct 09, 2018
Nick Ziech-Lopez

The result of years of planning and detailed work, MessageGears’ new drag-and-drop UI is the most powerful and user friendly platform on the market today.

For the marketer, it’s going to change the way they look at building both audiences and email campaigns, making the process more intuitive and visual. But it’s not just marketers who benefit from the enhanced technology. For the tech-savvy marketer or IT developer, it’s easier to climb under the hood and understand the inner workings of what’s going on with every email, as well has have the fine grain control you need.

Here are the key enhancements on the marketing and tech side that make MessageGears’ new UI such a huge step forward for anyone involved in email marketing:

Drag-and-drop audience builder

In addition to being simple for even a novice email marketer to build audiences, the power of MessageGears’ Hybrid technology — Letting you keep customer data behind your firewall for building emails while using the cloud only for rendering and sending messages — helps marketers segment based upon literally any data points that are available in their database. And they can do so with information is being updated in real time.

Also, because the marketer is building campaigns using her own live data, she can segment based upon any data point — even highly sensitive ones — without exposing that data outside of her corporate firewall. She can do that with nothing more than a couple clicks of the mouse. And if there’s a tech issue where she needs I.T. to check the code, another click of the mouse gives her the SQL code she can copy and send to the tech team for a quick diagnosis and fix.

Drag-and-drop content builder

While the audience builder allows you to segment audiences for individual campaigns, the content builder UI provides you with infinite personalization possibilities within each email itself. Marketers can drag the content modules in and out with ease. They can personalize each module based upon whichever data points they’ve collected, providing the ability to send every recipient a different dynamic message that reflects their own behavior, location, and spending behavior.

This isn’t just for marketing campaigns, but works just as well for transactional messages. The marketer can know loyalty points will be up to the minute when sending the email, and abandoned carts will go out only when they’re supposed to rather than hours after they already made the purchase. When using live data with unique content modules that drop simply into place, the possibilities are endless for the savvy enterprise marketer.


When you’ve got so many variations on each email, how do you know what they’ll look like in the inbox? Highly personalized mailings can become difficult to see every permutation. MessageGears’ testing functionality makes it simple, though. You can do exploratory testing where you can tweak the mailing to see it in each configuration — even in different languages — and then send yourself a test email for one or all of your sample recipients.

This allows you to send with confidence, knowing exactly what the emails will look like when they reach your recipients’ inboxes.

Jobs report

Because most ESP jobs reports aren’t plugging directly into your live data, the analytics you see with your UI are giving you numbers for a whole job, so you see one number in aggregate. But what if that number doesn’t reflect a major issue? What if your deliverability is suffering in the first two hours of your send but recovering after that? The average may work out in your favor, and you never know there’s an issue, but a percentage of your subscribers either aren’t seeing your email at all or are getting it after the time you meant for them to.

With MessageGears’ new jobs report, you see dense deliverability information updated by the second, allowing you to know what’s happening in real time so you can take whatever action is needed. This provides you with powerful knowledge you can use to improve inbox rate over time, and solve problems you never knew you had.

HTML Source editor

With an intuitive browsing function and syntax highlighting, MessageGears’ HTML Source editor provides those who either want or need to work with the SQL code that drives the email with the ability to easily find what they’re looking for and make necessary changes.

Designed with the coder in mind, the find-and-replace functionality is both powerful and intuitive. You can find code using regular expressions, increasing the efficiency of your work, and greatly reducing the amount of time it takes you to solve problems.

If you’d like a full, personalized demo, or to register for our next general monthly demo, we’d be happy to show you what the platform can do.

About the Author

Nick Ziech-Lopez

Nick is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at MessageGears. He applies his background in engineering and data analytics to organizing his product backlog, understanding user experience, and obsessing over the Chicago Cubs.