Rethinking RFPs for ESPs

The RFP has been a staple of vendor selection for more than 50 years. But when it comes to selecting an ESP, it has lost a lot of its effectiveness. That’s because Super Senders aren’t answering the most important question before they even start building the RFP: What are our biggest needs regarding messaging, and what should we ask in order to find a solution for them? 

That may seem obvious, but the RFPs many big brands send out are better positioned to identify the best ESP from 2015 than the best one from 2021. Messaging technology just moves too fast for them to keep up with. The eye-opening results of our survey suggest many Super Senders are conducting inefficient RFP processes that not only don’t result in selecting the best option for their needs, but lead to the misperception that all ESPs are basically the same.

Our whitepaper walks you through why this keeps happening, and offers expert advice on how to ensure your next RFP is successful.

When it comes to choosing a new ESP, the RFP is broken. This MessageGears guide will explain how to fix it for your next process.