Email Marketing Trends & Best Practices for Data-Centric Organizations

With the rise of social media, companies have to ask the question, “Is email marketing still relevant?” Considering email’s long history of more than 40 years of existence (an eternity in the digital age of communication), this is a valid question to ask. To find out, The Relevancy Group and MessageGears conducted a survey of more than 300 marketers of mid-market and enterprise companies to understand how top global brands are using email marketing. What we discovered is that email marketing is still very much alive. But marketers are facing new challenges as send volumes routinely rise into the millions each month and the demand for real-time communication increases. Email Marketing Trends & Best Practices for Data-Centric Organizations report examines what technology marketers are using to keep up with demand, as well as the best practices that top companies deploy to generate maximum revenue through increased personalization and real-time marketing.