Who Cares about Deliverability?

That’s the question: Who cares about deliverability? If you have a hand in email marketing, the answer should be “You do.” Because email deliverability is email marketing. Think about it: even a 1% increase in inbox placement rate can mean thousands more people see each and every campaign — do the math, based upon your email ROI.

In this webinar featuring guests from Women of Email, our deliverability experts discuss the key reasons why deliverability matters so much, and give marketers the principles and best practices they need in order to ensure deliverability is always an organizational priority — and always buttoned up. You’ll walk away with:

– A better understanding of how deliverability fits into their marketing efforts
– Actionable insights on how to intelligently incorporate deliverability into their programs
– Ideas for using their existing data points to guide campaign strategy
– Stories from experts that illustrate the importance of getting deliverability right

– Jamie Bradley, Director of Strategic Audience Engagement, Ambition
– Vicky Glass, Systems & Tech Strategist, Coded Vector
– Brad Gurley, Director of Deliverability, MessageGears