Understanding Your Customers Better: A Sneak Peek at Enhancements to MessageGears Segment

How do you truly know your customers? What does it mean to really own the data around your customer? For most marketers, these aren’t easy questions. Your customer data may be stored in several different disconnected places. And when you send a campaign, you may not be able to gather much information on who received it.

Watch as Senior Product Manager Ricky Timbers walks Director of Product Strategy Nick Ziech-Lopez through the revamped Segment platform that will lift the way you work with your customer data and communicate with your customer base.

If you want to really know your customers and feel like you’re maximizing your investment in data — putting it to smart use for more personalized messaging campaigns — this is the breakthrough you need in order to get your marketing and data teams working hand in hand to power cross-channel messaging that drives conversions and deep customer loyalty.