The Power of Real-Time Data

From the very beginning, MessageGears was built to take advantage of your data, using your data where it lives rather than waiting for you to send it to us. But what does that really mean for you and your team? When it comes right down to it, how do MessageGears’ products help you put that real-time data to use in a better way than you already can? Our Solutions Consultant Adam Fenwick walked Nick Ziech-Lopez through how easy it is to put real time data to work in the MessageGears platform. In this webinar we:

– Recorded email engagement data in a private data warehouse in real time
– Leveraged message engagement data to trigger orchestrations and customer journeys
– Created repeatable email lifecycles to send the right message at the right time

Watch this webinar to learn the foundational elements that truly separate MessageGears from the competition, and make it the best choice for data-centric organizations that want to maximize their investment in data.