The Complete Enterprise Data Stack: Take Back Control of Your Customer Data

In an era of GDPR, CCPA, and the struggle of first-party data, B2C brands with millions of customers are increasingly looking for an ideal reference architecture for “the complete enterprise customer data stack,” the comprehensive set of tools and functions that collect, manage, and activate customer data.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace. Third-party customer data platforms (CDPs) market their ability to offer a managed solution and to own your data environment — which often adds cost and overall development time, leaving your data more siloed than it was to begin with.

In this webinar, experts from RudderStack joined MessageGears to highlight the hidden costs in third-party silos, show why these managed solutions fall short, and outline an enterprise approach and the associated benefits to customer data that’s owned by your in-house data and engineering organizations.

Eric Dodds
Director, Customer Success, RudderStack

Kostas Pardalis
Head of Product, RudderStack

Nicholas Ziech-Lopez
Director of Product Strategy, MessageGears

Walter Rowland
SVP Growth, MessageGears