Snowflake-Powered ID Resolution, The Missing Link for Snowflake Connected Apps

Aug 03, 2022

Just us as we discuss one of the most important and buzz-worthy topics necessary for building dynamic, composable CDP capabilities in your tech stack – first-party identity resolution. You’ll be introduced to Truelty, a first-of-its-kind solution that connects directly to a brand’s Snowflake environment to achieve first party customer identity resolution at an unmatched depth and scale.

Hosted by MessageGears, we will examine how modular CDP capabilities connected to a brand’s Snowflake data cloud are becoming increasingly necessary, as companies look for ways to reduce tool redundancy, increase resilience, and reduce costs. Both MessageGears and Truelty employ a warehouse-connected approach, and both are connected apps Powered by Snowflake™.

Joined by Snowflake’s David Wells and Truelty’s Jared Hillam, we’ll discuss:

  • What a modular approach to CDP and customer engagement use cases looks like
  • The importance and impact of housing all of your first-party data in a modern data cloud like Snowflake
  • How a directly connected first-party identity resolution solution is the missing link to powering a truly connected experience for your customers