Segment & Activate Your 360 Customer Data Platform

When you’re trying to send personalized messaging campaigns across various channels, testing to ensure success is one of your biggest challenges. But it’s also essential so you know you’re not flying blind, and the only way to get it right is to have the correct combination of tools at your disposal.

In our latest webinar, we joined with our partners at Havas Helia to explain how MessageGears Segment combines with their SmartDesign approach to empower marketers to do more with the customer data they’ve collected, and why it’s so difficult to do for many marketers.

Here were the three biggest takeaways from the talk:

Assembling a complete view of your customer base is essential

As an enterprise B2C marketer, you really have no choice today than to develop a clear, comprehensive view of who your customer is and what they want to hear from you. You know your competition is doing it, and failing to do so is a recipe for sending your customers elsewhere.

And getting that view is about more than just collecting the data, or even organizing it to break down the silos. It’s about utilizing a platform that connects directly to it, so all the data across your organization can be accessed in real time, and so it can be used to make smart decisions about how to use it to build a communication plan.

“The ability to connect directly to data so to always work from live data, not have to copy it to another area, not have to work with several different teams to prepare data for different vendors,” MessageGears Director of Product Strategy Nick Ziech-Lopez said. “The ease of use of that, the speed to market, and then the ability to schedule that, going to whatever partner you’re going to feeds into (Havas Helia’s) iterative design.”

Enterprise marketers can’t quickly and easily export their live data

With most customer-messaging products, it’s very difficult for marketers with significant amounts of customer data to gain live access to it for building out campaigns. That’s because these remote ESPs don’t connect directly to the data, and require time-consuming and costly syncs, with marketers copying a snapshot of their data that’s quickly out of date.

That’s why we built MessageGears Segment with the ability to sit on top of wherever your data is, to allow you to put together dynamic audiences using your live data, and then export it to whatever partner you’re using for messaging. You can’t afford to work with a copy of your data somewhere else, when your live data is always changing. MessageGears Segment provides that connection between your data, your data science team, and your marketers.

“So when the 360 database is created and it’s maintained for security, it really separates the science teams from the data,” Havas Helia Managing Director Shay Young said. “This allows a bridge, a platform we can go into, as well as the marketing teams on the client side to really get a full visual of what’s happening.”

Measure results on different combinations of channels/recipients

It’s not just more analysis that’s better for optimizing your content mix, but also the right analysis. You should always make the extra effort to thoughtfully examine analytics across multiple different combinations of channels and recipients in order to get the highest quality of data that will be relevant to what you do in the future.

That’s where Havas Helia’s SmartDesign really shines as a tool for marketers, allowing them to easily see how their campaigns are performing across multiple channels, and then make adjustments accordingly.

“So post-campaign, we can analyze results to measure the effectiveness of each channel combination and driving the KPI we established, which was sales per recipient, or sales per customer,” Havas Helia Director of Data Science Ward Thomas said. “It’s important to financially characterize the results that you’re getting, statistically validate them, and move forward with the most profitable channel combination.”

To learn much more about MessageGears Segment and Havas Helia’s SmartDesign, and even get a demo to show you what Segment might be able to do for your team, watch the full webinar.