Retail Messaging that Works: Send Better, More Personalized Campaigns

Oct 04, 2021

Personalizing your digital messaging campaigns has never been more essential for retail marketers, and MessageGears is committed to providing you with the tools you need to make sure you can use your live, real-time customer data to deliver the sorts of campaigns your competition can only dream of.

Our latest webinar went into our product to show you how enterprise retailers are already using MessageGears’ products to send hundreds of millions of highly targeted email, mobile push, and SMS messages every month. In case you weren’t able to make it to the webinar, here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Using live data to personalize messages

As we change the sample recipients on the right side, you can see the content of the email changes along with it, based upon the data you have on those customers. Those sample recipients are pulled from your live data, giving you a look at exactly what your customers will see when they open your email.

And you can change this in real time too, making adjustments and immediately seeing how it impacts the message that’s delivered to your customer’s inbox. Not only are the opportunities for personalization endless, but your marketing team has full control with live data access so there’s no guesswork about what your customers receive.

Use MessageGears Engage to send targeted offers

So what does MessageGears Message plus Engage look like? You can see how the personalization options and control for the marketer get even more robust when you combine the two. What’s going on in the background here is that this template is actually calling our Engage product to go through and pull the live data into the email.

If you want to see what offers are available and get a look at what the customer will see for each, this is where you can do it. MessageGears Engage is called via the template to give you the OfferId. In the first image, you see it’s 1. That delivers the customer 10% off blankets. If  we switch that to two, we’ll see the offer changes immediately along with it, now showing 25% savings on dinnerware.

And there’s no limit to the number of options and permutations you can have here, all powered by your data and MessageGears Engage.

MessageGears Segment helps you create dynamic audiences

In the first screenshot above, we see the MessageGears Segment Blueprint, allowing marketers to prioritize offers based on any user criteria they have in their data. This is set up with the starting population and segmented in various ways, letting marketers create campaigns targeted specifically to these narrowed audience blocks.

It’s simple to create different segments and user criteria boxes to help define segments and sub segments or sub audiences to send messages to. And you’re not limited to what’s there in your starting population either, as you can add data via Labels. In this case (bottom screenshot), we’re appending on some data called SegmentId and OfferId. We can then use those two newly created fields to help present those prioritized offers in the template or in the message itself, adding a deeper level of personalization than you can with any other marketing platform because you’re appending this to your live, real-time data.

If you’d like to learn more about how MessageGears can help retail marketers get better data access and create campaigns that deliver real results, watch the full webinar or schedule a chat to find out how we can address your specific needs.